Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wild weather and worries

What wild weather we started to have today. The puppies were out playing though and were really enjoying the sticks that were blown down. They were playing tug and were having a good time chasing each other. The three boys are absolutely beautiful and the two little girls are also very cute.

Annabelle has had to spend a couple days at Bohicket Veterinary Hospital because she was not wanting to eat. After having some initial tests it was determined that she had elevated liver enzymes. Her urine was also very dark. She came home after receiving fluids and antibiotics but still didn't want to eat. So she went back into the hospital on Wednesday and got back out on Friday. Her liver functions were better and she received more fluids and liquid antibiotics. Because she still isn't eating, we've had to put food in a syringe and feed her that way. We also have to stuff some torpedos in order to get food in her. Dr. Shong has not been able to find anything wrong after doing barium x-rays of the digestive system and the liver. I'm hoping that she will start to eat on her own; however, she is happy and wagging her tail. She doesn't appear depressed at all. I'm hoping that all will be well.

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trixie said...

We hope Anna begins eating properly and you report soon that she is doing well. She is a lovely lady who impressed us so. We are glad we have one of her babies -- Mia. We see that her date of birth is not listed on your "girls" page. How old is Anna?