Friday, April 27, 2007

Sad about Anna

Anna had her exploratory surgery yesterday. It appears that she has liver cancer and it is quite advanced. Biopsies of the liver were done and will be sent away. She came out of the surgery fine and went home with us last night. She was still very tired last night after the surgery. We plan to make her remaining time with us as good as possible. We don't know how long she has but will have her with us to love until she let's us know that it's time to say goodbye. She is such a dear one.


Mia said...

I love you mommy and I am sorry to hear the sad news.

MIA - Surry's Dancing Queen
d.o.b. August 31, 2003
(Ch. Ashlyn Surry Sea Eddy x Surry's High Hopes)

trixie said...

We have dealt with cancer before with more than one of our dogs and have been so concerned for Anna. We are sorry to hear our suspicion turned out to be right. Anna is such a sweet and gentle girl and we are so pleased to have one of her sweet and loving offspring.

B & K

Anonymous said...

To dearest Anna
The life you have lived and the lives you have given to us will be a constant reminder of your sweet temperment. May the spirits cover you with warmth, give your soul rest and ease your burden.

Pam said...

Oh - it's news that all dog people hate to hear. I hope that she has some remaining good days - I know how sad such news can be.

Ann and Paul said...

Mom, I'm so sorry that I was so busy "Lab testing" and modeling for the Heelan' Hound that I didn't make it down for a visit this year. Just remember I was the runt in your litter, and I know that you and Aunt Betty worked hard to save me. May the angels watch over you! The Pinkster, aka Neilley
d.o.b. August 31, 2003