Thursday, April 19, 2007

Loving on the old ones

With Annabelle feeling under the weather, I gathered the old dogs around me today. I needed to tell each of them how wonderful they are and how glad that they are with me. Tilly is still very spry, Timmi is doing well and still loving every cookie, and Anna appreciated the hugs. Tomorrow Anna goes in for an endoscopy to determine whether there is a blockage anywhere or any pathology in the digestive track. I am an optimistic person so I'm hoping for the best but am preparing as best I can for bad news.

The amount of debris that is down after the storm isn't too bad so the puppy run got raked today. With warmer weather, the snakes will be out and I don't want any of those hiding amongst the downed branches. The puppies think that the branches are great and are carrying them around in their mouths. I'm thankful for those cute babies that are Anna's grandkids.

Hopefully, I'll have news tomorrow on Anna's condition.

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