Monday, April 16, 2007


Annabelle still isn't interested in eating. She is wagging and drinking water but won't even eat a cookie. I'm very concerned and have scheduled an endoscopy on Thursday for her. In the meantime, I'm force feeding her with Bil-Jac. She doesn't seem to mind all the attention but having to do this is tough. She is really one of the most wonderful girls that I've ever had. Something about that grey face and those beautiful eyes watching me so intently and with such trust really tugs at my heart.

The puppies are having a wonderful time with all the sticks and downed debris from the storm. This weekend will be a busy time cleaning up after the all the wind. Everything has been raked at least twice this spring and now the final raking of the grounds will hopefully occur.

The CSCLRC has a match this Saturday. It is our B match and the puppies will be entered. It should be fun. I'm anxious to get them out and around some other dogs. Since this match is just down the road at my neighbor's place, I can carry all of them for some socializing.

I'll be posting more about Annabelle here as I learn more.

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