Sunday, April 29, 2007

Good weekend

I had a good weekend and was able to get past the sadness over Anna and just enjoy time at home and with the dogs. We did some gardening which is always fun. This year, we've added foxgloves and some other species of lilies to our gardens. We also got a lot of the small bush roses, having found that the hybrid tea roses just don't do too well in hot, humid coastal SC without a lot of care. I used to spray and spray and they would be okay but I just don't want to be a slave to the roses anymore. So we pulled out the old hybrid teas and put in the disease resistant bush roses.

On Sunday, I took Stella for a romp at the beach. She really enjoyed that and has been running over to the van every time that she is let out. Finally, she got to go. We started at Station 12 and walked down to the Sullivan's Island light and then back. She got to greet a lot of other dogs and people on the walk.

Annabelle had a good weekend too. She spent most of it in the house with us. She even managed to eat a little food on her own. Unfortunately, we know that the diagnosis of lymphocytic liver cancer is grave and terminal. We just take each day at a time with her and are grateful for having the days that we have had. Today isn't the day for anything to happen.
Berta came to visit Annabelle which was nice. She loves being stroked and hugged on. Her mother Tilly is still going strong. I never thought that I would lose Anna for many years. I know now that there is another plan other than mine.

The weather has been beautiful so I'm going to head back out to enjoy some more of it before bedtime.

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trixie said...

We also pulled out all our hybrid tea roses and are in the process of replacing them with shrub roses. Just like you, the spraying was taking too much time. Being a slave to a dog is wonderful; being a slave to roses is not.