Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tupac arrives in Israel

Tupac who was the red-collared boy from the Brier x Gabby litter arrived in his new home in Israel yesterday. Esther's brother contacted me over six months ago about getting a male for her. After much discussion and many emails with Esther and some delays about her visa to visit the US, she came over from Israel to meet us and to see the boy that I had picked out for her. She named him Tupac and spent an enhanted time with him on her visit to Surry. Tupac took to Esther immediately, gnawing on her nose and licking her face.

She and Tupac then visited Esther's brother in the upstate for 3 weeks during which time Tupac was housebroken, learned some obedience, picked up on clicker training, and generally made himself at home. I had several phone calls to tell me what a smart and wonderful boy he is.

After some tearful goodbyes, Esther and Tupac flew back to Tel Aviv on Tuesday and arrived on Wednesday morning. Tupac was a trooper and never made any messes in his crate during the long trip to his new home. He will continue with his work in obedience and will be shown in conformation. Tupac will have dual registration with the AKC and the Israeli Labrador Club. I feel as if I have made a great friend in Esther and her family. I'll look forward to hear of Tupac's escapades with his new friends and family.
Shalom and Be'hatzlacha!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the new address. Loved this week's entries. Have a good and safe cruise. Maggie is moving to the beach this weekend. We'll keep in touch and let you know new addresses and numbers.

Anonymous said...

Hi All
We have arrived safely to Israel and Tupac settled down in his new home immidietly. My children were exited to have him and my dogs exepted him right away and now they are ready to play whenever Tupac wants.
I will update on his progress and post pictures. In the mean time we thank Betty for every thing and say Shalom and L'hitratot (Hi and see you again)
Esther and Tupac

yaenette said...

nice to see "red" now Tupac reached his home safely. his littermate/brother Simba misses him but carries his same vigor for life :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yaenette,
It is great to have news from Tupac's brother Simba. Tupac is growing to be a handsome guy, he is very layed back and relaxed, good natured and very loving.
It will be nice to have an update on Simba sometimes, maybe you can post pictures and I'll do the same.