Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dog show on Sunday

Up again at 5 AM to drive to Beaufort at 6 AM. I took Izzy along this time to just walk around the grounds and get used to the sounds and smells of a show. She enjoyed it immensely and was sniffing and wagging. Tobias went WD today which was nice. That makes 9 points for him now and we'll now have to start hunting majors. I've entered Asheville because it will likely be a major.

One of the observations that I made this weekend is just how rude some people can be at dog shows. On Saturday there was a judge change and the judge who was the replacement is extremely well known. Unfortunately, she also can be short with people some times. One of the exhibitors was late for her class because she didn't hear the steward call for the class (more on that later). So when the lady showed up for the class, the judge announced to everyone, "Well, it's so nice of you to join us." This was followed by her berating the exhibitor for being late for her class. While the exhibitor was gaiting her dog, the judge turned to the other exhibors in the ring and rolled her eyes. This is really not necessary behavior at all. When an exhibitor pays $23 for 2-3 minutes worth of observation, I think that it is only fair to treat the exhibitor with respect. What if the lady were a novice and got chewed out for her first time in the ring? Would she really want to ever come back or continue to show? Why pay to be beat up?

The steward was also not helpful. Stewards are supposed to announce the breed and the class. Stewards generally call the armband numbers and indicate whether the order is by the catalog or not. This steward was speaking very quietly and not clearing announcing the classes. Yes, it was an outdoor show but he wasn't making himself heard. I asked him to please speak up so that we could hear him better. He then indicated that the exhibitors should move closer to the ring. To do that would block people from getting their armbands. The steward also stated that he didn't need to announce the classes anyway. I've stewarded with Southeastern for 15 years and the classes are to be announced. How else would an exhibitor know when to go in the ring? It appeared that once again the concerns of the exhibitor were not considered. There would be no dog shows without exhibitors--they are the customers and should be treated with respect.

Off the soapbox now. It was a quick weekend and tomorrow is back to work. The puppies are bouncing around, barking and playing. They are already going in their shavings so in about a day they know where to sleep and where to mess. Really smart puppies!

Off to feed the dogs....


Anonymous said...

I have seen this identical scene at shows too. I know that the judges are on the clock, but when it is not the exhibitors fault - then it is not. There has been many a show where I simply could not hear what the steward was saying either, and it is frustrating to think you may be subject to public displays of childish faces for not hearing!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way you could have reported the judge for the rude behavior? Having observed judges they truly can make/break a newcomer.
A good steward can make the ring a success. Have certainly seen some great and some awful stewards.

Glad that Izzy had a good time!

BlondeonBlonde said...

Reporting a judge is a tricky area. This judge is FORMIDIBLE and is one of the best known judges in the nation. She has been around for a very long time; however, her personality is not the best and can be unpredictable. She didn't directly insult the exhibitor (it was sarcastic but perhaps more obvious to those watching than to the exhibitor) and exhibitors are supposed to be to the ring on time. However, given the poor stewarding, I would have given the exhibitor a break and not made a display of mocking or reprimanding her. There are ways to make your point without being nasty. It's a good reminder to me of how one should not behave as a judge.