Tuesday, May 23, 2006

sand grains make pearls

Okay, I've finally gotten irritated enough with Yahoo 360 to move my blog to another host. Hopefully, you'll now be able to make comments and not be frustrated about sites that don't fully function. Beta testing is great and the Yahoo 360 idea is cool but enough is enough!

I'm leaving for a research cruise on Saturday morning. Our destination is off the coast of Georgia and we will be over Gray's Reef which is a National Marine Sanctuary. We'll be deploying gear near the reef to collect specimens for the Taxonomic Center. Unfortunately, one of our participants wasn't approved due to a medical issue so I was scrambling this morning to get another person to go to sea. Too bad you can't do the gunny sack and a bottle of rum to get an able-bodied seaman but NOAA Corps is very strict. Everyone has to have a TB test and their medical form approved. I was in good luck though as 2 people volunteered to go.

Charlie is going to host the puppy open house as it's time to get the babies out side for their first walk. I hate that I won't get to be there. It's fun to see how they react to being on grass and around noises of the other dogs and strange smells. Generally, they have no problems with feeling very comforted by all the people who are holding them.

I'm sending good thoughts for Bailey who belongs to a friend (Flamingo). She is having surgery today for a mass that appeared suspicious. Hopefully, it will be benign and all will go well.


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flamingo3 said...

Isn't it fascinating to watch how the intuition takes over as the puppies grow.
How quickly these balls of fur become part of the family unit.