Monday, May 22, 2006

Hair of the dog

I've put a photo up of Tobias who I took to the shows this weekend.
This week will be busy at work as I am getting ready to leave for a research cruise on Friday. I'll be back on June 3 but it's likely that I won't be able to post much of anything while at sea. I'll be in touch with Charlie who will be taking care of the dogs and will get updates on the puppies. Hmmm...maybe I can talk Charlie into posting on the blog.

My pet peeve for today is dog hair. Yikes, it's coming off in great gobs and looks like a black and yellow snow storm in the kennels. We brush and brush trying to get the dead hair out so hot spots won't develop. Thank goodness Tilly and Anna who are in the house are almost through blowing coat. I've found that a curry comb is the best to use. It has wire teeth and really gets into the coat to pull out the dead "tufts".

With the heat lately, it appears that our nice cool spring may be nearing the end. Almost time to get the misting system cranked up. I heard that there may be 17 named storms this year and four major hurricanes. " It's hard to reason with hurricane season."

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