Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on Lil Hoffa

Hoffa, the greyhound, had her stitches from her spay surgery taken out today. She is doing well. She enjoyed her time at doggy park on the Isle of Palms yesterday. She ran and played with several other dogs that were there. I took a lot of photos and especially like the one of her at full tilt run.

She has adjusted well. She does well in the house--no accidents so far. And she seems wary of cats which is great. She is calm on the leash too. She does like to follow us everywhere. She likes to be right by our side. And she likes to sleep next to the bed at night.

I think that it will be interesting to see how her "off the track" personality continues to come out. She is playful and happy which is a great thing. It indicates to me that her spirit hasn't been damaged by her time training to be a racing greyhound.

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