Thursday, January 17, 2008

My birthday

Today is my birthday and I'm celebrating it back in Virginia where I was born. I'm not fessing up to how old I am. No point in saying that I'm at the point where age doesn't really matter as long as I'm still able to get up and get going in the morning. I have a few aches and pains, and my lower back gives me fits some times but for the most part, I feel good.

I think that years of lifting Labradors in and out of dog crates in the van have taken their toll on my back. I find that if the dogs let me lift their rear up into the van, then I'm okay. It's when they decide that they want to fool around and bounce off to the side that I tend to twist wrong and eventually pull a muscle.

Anyway, I'm having a happy day. No schedule in particular and only one Labrador with me who is a good girl. Lucky Capricorn that I am!

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