Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold and rainy

It's weather like we've had this weekend that makes me want to stay inside and be warm. I actually like winter in SC, much better than summer but the rain that comes down in torrents makes me glad for fireplaces and fleecy blankets.

I actually got to see snow in my recent visit to Virginia. It was a first time in a long time that I have actually seen the white stuff stick to the ground. But then it turned to rain and was all gone by the morning. I remember deep snows when I was a kid and how quiet it was the next morning after it had snowed all night.

Labradors love the snow and ice. I watched a couple of them playing and bouncing around in it. Butt tucking on ice is really neat also. They seem to enjoy the cold, no matter what kind of precipitation there is.

As for Tilly, Hoffa and me--well, we're going to snuggle under a blanket or burrow into a dog bed and take a snooze.

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