Wednesday, January 09, 2008

She's here!

Lil Miss Hoffa, the greyhound, arrived last night. She went for a long walk, sniffed the house, kept away from the kitties, and slept soundly. She whined for about 10 minutes before settling down on her large dog bed and going to sleep.

She has a little bit of separation anxiety but not enough to interfere with her eating. She chowed down last night and this morning. She's being fed Wellness Core because greyhounds tend to have a bit of a sensitive digestive system.

The Labradors don't know what to think. They seem fascinated by this thin, muscled creature who just eyes them and doesn't bark.

Today Hoffa is going into work with me. I'm trying to carry her as many places as possible so that she will get used to lots of strange things that she didn't experience while on the track. So far so good for her.....she is a cutie!

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