Thursday, September 20, 2007

The working Labrador

I thought that some of you would enjoy seeing the video below. This is a video of Ch. Surry's Ducktale Masquerade retrieving at a Senior Hunter Test. Calvin now has three legs towards getting his Senior Hunter title. It's nice to see him doing what Labradors were bred to do.

The senior hunter (SH) title requires Qualifying scores in five senior hunting tests, or a junior hunter title plus four qualifying scores in senior hunting tests. For both senior and master hunting tests the dog must come quietly and steadily up to the line and honor a working dog’s retrieve off leash and without a collar. On these levels the handler will carry and shoulder an empty shotgun.

Dogs are not ranked against each other in retriever hunting tests, and every dog who qualifies is a winner. The events are designed to be enjoyable, and handlers can continue entering their dogs who have already earned the titles. Everyone can root for everyone else, because one person’s success doesn’t hurt anyone else’s chances.

If you get a chance to, go watch the Labradors retrieve at one of these tests. It is a wonderful sight to see.

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