Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pink is now with her new family

Pink, who is now known as Presley, went to her new home last week. I received photos of her today. She is enjoying her family, sticking to them like glue. Presley was never going to like the show ring as she didn't have the outgoing Labrador temperament that makes a great show dog.

That's one of the difficulties in living on a large piece of property where the only entertainment is the running of squirrels. I take the dogs to the dog park on Isle of Palms and Presley interacted fairly well with them. She was a happy puppy but as she aged, she developed more reticence about various situations. I think that now she is in a neighborhood and with her new family, she will be exposed to a lot more activities.

Labradors should be outgoing but sometimes the occasional one will not be as bouncy as I would like. Her sister, Vera, is outgoing and personable. Presley will get there in time and already is a loyal companion for her owners.

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