Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bathing Labradors

Here's a photo of baby Tweedle (Surry's Talk of the Town) getting a bath. Most Labradors really like being wet down. And they will tolerate with good nature a shampoo.

Bathing Labradors occasionally isn't going to do any damage to the coat but frequent bathing can cause the skin to dry out and will strip the coat of oils. I suggest that the best way to keep a Labrador smelling fresh is just to hose them off and then spray them with a 10% solution of Listerine and water. It will make them smell fresh and clean.

And if you are showing your dog, don't ever bathe them before a show. It will definitely make the coat too soft. A Labrador's coat should be harsh to the touch, not soft and fluffy.


Anonymous said...

That dog is sooo cuteee!!! I have a labrador but he is black. his name is blacky and he is 6 months old!!:)

Anonymous said...

i love labradorsss!!! THEY ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

I have a black labrador, he's fantastic however he does not like a bath or the paddling pool. He will find and go into any type of water on a walk but not in the house. Strange!