Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy birthday to the cookie lady!

Today is Nancy, the Station 12 Cookie Lady's birthday. Nancy sits in her red jeep in the morning at Station 12 on Sullivan's Island and gives out treats to all the dogs who come by. She started doing this because she liked to bird watch in the morning and then, over time, started giving something to the dogs who would come by. She is a happy soul who likes to talk about politics, the weather, and the different breeds that wander by with their owners in tow.

She had a nice birthday celebration tonight at Fonduely Yours in Mt. Pleasant. Although there weren't any dogs at the party, she did receive a gift from Stella, Cayenne and Cooper. They gave her a handbook to the breeds of dogs, a bag of their favorite treats, and a doggy bookmark. Stella was wagging because she knew that she would get some of those treats the next time she meets up with Nancy at Station 12.

Hope that you have many more Nancy.

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