Saturday, July 14, 2007

Recommendations for vets

I've been asked by quite a few people who I recommend for vets. We use Drs. Shong and Rockwell at Bohicket Veterinary Clinic and have been doing so for years. They are close by and available when we need them. They are excellent at surgeries and are very caring people.

There are several things that we want in a vet:
1. We want a vet to be available when we have an emergency.
2. We want a vet to spend time with us and our dogs, explaining clearly problems.
3. We want a vet who respects the knowledge that we have as breeders.
4. We want a vet who is compassionate about the animals and passionate about the work.
5. We want a vet who is good a surgeries or who can recommend someone when the situation at hand becomes more than the vet can handle.

These are very important things to us. It's important to interview a vet and not assume that all have the same talent and abilities.

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