Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Puppies go to the vet's office

I took five puppies, Isabelle and the black cat Abraham to the vet's today for various vaccines and check ups. The puppies are great when they are in their crates but getting them to come out of the crate is a different issue. The girls like to go all the way to the back of the 36 inch long crate and turn their head the other way. So I have to crawl inside the crate and try to get a leash around their neck. It's great fun!

Then I lift each one down, and with some I have to move their legs from the spread out position (as in "No way am I leaving this crate!"). So after lifting 5 dogs in and out 4 times, I was more than a little dirty. Thank goodness there is a good chiropractor that I go to who helps with back strain.

Abraham has lost 2 lbs which was really good as he was one fat cat last year. The puppies did great in the office and they are little porkers at around 75 lbs.

I really like how Dr. Shong and Dr. Rockwell treat the animals. They hug on each one, give cookies and generally love each animal. They make all the trouble worth while and the puppies just loved them.

Now off for a good shower!

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