Monday, July 16, 2007

Going on the water

If you like to take your dog boating you may want to consider getting a doggy life jacket. Labradors are great in the water but having your dog jump overboard when you don't expect it can be scary. It seems that Labs like the water so much that they may get a scent and decide to take a plunge. I think that it's worthwhile to get a doggy life jacket to put on the dog when you are underway.

At this time of year, if you decide to beach your boat and let your dog run, be sure to check up on what areas are off limits. Crab Bank which is a Heritage Preserve and bird rookery is off limits to dogs and people for much of the year. There are other Heritage Preserves that are protected as well. It would be good to check with your local marine law enforcement agency (here in SC it is the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources) before you turn loose your dog on a beach. There are also leash law in effect so be sure to check on that or you may get a hefty fine.

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