Sunday, July 08, 2007

Charleston Kennel Club match

There will be a match on Sunday July 15 sponsored by the Charleston Kennel Club. This is an all breed match that will be held at Exchange Park in Ladson at the Exhibition Hall. I believe that Jim and Elizabeth Bowron (Fortune) are judging the Sporting Group and Labradors. If you want to see what a dog show is like, then this would be a fun event to attend.

Matches are like dog shows but are generally for younger dogs. They don't carry points so things aren't as stressful. Matches are fun ways to socialize and get your dog some exposure to being in the ring. They are also a good way for someone who isn't an accomplished dog handler to see how they like being in the ring handling a dog.

I have always liked matches because the puppies and people generally have a very good time. So see if you can make this event and have some fun.


Anonymous said...

The match is Sunday the 15th

Anonymous said...

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