Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dogs are enjoying the weather

The dogs are enjoying these cooler mornings. Although the summer hasn't been too hot, it is nice to have low humidity and some cooler weather at 6 AM.

The hounds and Tilly are the first to go for their walk. Tilly is slower than the greyhounds! She is 14 and still trots along. Fortunately, the greyhounds are respectful of her.

After their walk, the other Labradors get turned out in the paddocks. They run around, sniff, do their business, and chase each other. They stay out for a couple of hours until my husband feeds them. It's great that he is retired because the dogs get to spend much of the day outside in their paddocks.

When we were both at work, we didn't like to leave them out in case they decided to dig out or a fence got breached. Even though we are a mile down a dirt road, it is still easy for these dogs to get to the main highway.

So the dogs are enjoying the best parts of the day, the early morning and late afternoon. I guess that I am too!


Anonymous said...

We would love to know which dog is pictured

ann blackmore key said...

Betty: It's so great to see that you're posting to the blog again. We've missed you. We too would like to know which dog is pictured.

Ann and Paul Key

Kerry Wilt said...

Zelda is the dog pictured above.