Monday, September 07, 2009

Getting through provisionals

I went to the Cleremont County show in Ohio to judge last Sunday. The entry was small in Labradors. I had a good entry in Weims but on the day of judging there were quite a few absentees. Because I am still provisional for Weims, I need to be observed three times by the AKC representative at a show.

Unfortunately, due to the absentees, there weren't five bitches to be observed on. This is a disappointment since there is little reimbursement for expenses when one judges. Most small clubs only pay $3.00 a dog when one has a provisional assignment. So after all is said and done, I didn't get observed.

Of course, I enjoyed being there. I enjoyed the dogs and the people. I did get to be mentored in Golden Retrievers which was interesting and informative. Hopefully, I will be able to finish up what is needed to get to regular status with Weims (being observed) and then can apply for goldens.

I'm seeing why those who want to judge start at a young age. This is a time consuming and expensive process.

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