Thursday, October 04, 2007

Getting ready for my interview

I have been studying for my interview with Mary Dukes, the AKC Field Rep. I've applied to judge Weimaraners as a second breed and have to discuss with her the breed history, the standard, what makes a good Weim and what are the problems in the breed. I'm not worried about any of this part as I think that I have read a lot about Weims, plus having Elena Smith Lamberson as a mentor for several years, ingrained in me a sense of the Weimaraner.

What I'm dreading a bit is the Sticky Wicket. Because Weims are a breed that has a height disqualification, like Labradors, I have to demonstrate the use of the wicket and go through the entire procedure. For Labrador judging, I did not have to demonstrate use of the wicket as Mary just explained what to do. However, for this interview, I actually have to do it.

I've printed out some information on line and plan to get to the show in plenty of time to actually work with the wicket prior to my interview. I would rather actually work with the wicket than read about how to do it. Now, I'm off to study some more!

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