Friday, October 12, 2007

Getting entries in the mail

I filled out entries for the Raleigh-Durham Labrador specialty last night. I'm really looking forward to going to this show as I missed it last year due to puppies being born. I'm taking four dogs with me: Deacon (the 9-12 month puppy), Amelia who will be in Bred-By, her dam Stella who has now reached the age to be eligible for Veterans Class and Emily who will be in American Bred.

It's hard to believe that Stella is a veteran as it only seems like yesterday that she was prancing around the yard as a cute puppy. It will be fun to show her in the Veterans class as she really likes dog shows. Hopefully, I will be able to show her and her dam Tilly at the upcoming LRC of the Piedmont specialty.

What I've noticed is that like everything else, entry fees have markedly gone up. When I first started showing entry fees were $10 and now a class entry is $24. Taking a van load of dogs to a show is getting to be an expensive thing because not only are there the entry fees but there is gasoline cost, hotel bills, food bills, and other incidentals. This is definitely not a sport for the budget minded person. I've always said that I could have several new BMW's with what I've spent on dogs over the years. I probably would also have fewer worry lines if I'd just stuck to gardening!


trixie said...

Thank you for not sticking to gardening otherwise we would not have our two fabulous Surry girls.

imabug said...

yes, and Nala wouldn't have Simba to keep her on her toes :)