Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We had some snow last month which is an unusual occurrence for South Carolina. The dogs seemed to enjoy the time that they spent in the snow--none had ever seen it before. The Labradors thought that it was great sport. The greyhounds weren't so sure.

The snow was gone by the next day, and now it appears that the back of winter is broken and spring is going to be here soon. The dogs are still in their winter coats but shedding is definitely happening. Soon we will be getting baskets of hair off each of the Labradors.

I have to say that the cooler weather is definitely what I prefer. I know that the dogs feel the same way. They are truly cold weather animals. Even the greyhounds don't mind going to dog park or the beach when the weather is cold. One would think that with such low body fat that they would be cold. But they enjoy walking in the water just like a Labrador.

All else is going well. We have had a couple of the girls spayed. Clara is enjoying being inside and Emily will be going to a new home this weekend. Life is just more manageable with fewer dogs and each gets more individual attention. They enjoy watching Charlie work in the garden which has preoccupied him now for several days.

I hope to post some photos of the dogs at the beach soon!


~Kim~ said...

What a beautiful picture!!
We have also had a touch of spring here in Virginia--I'm hoping that the warmer weather will continue to nudge out the cold, I'm so ready for winter to leave! Our crew of Goldens have also started shedding--Let the grooming begin!

lab said...

Amazing shot of lab.. loved it to the core..
Labrador retrievers in texas