Sunday, August 31, 2008

Neilley and Tobias's birthday

I received the cute photo above from Ann Key. She has Neilley, aka The Pinkster, who is a full sister to Tobias. Neilley was born small and struggled to nurse but kept getting pushed away from Annabelle by the other puppies. So, I nursed her with a bottle. She thrived and grew to be a wonderful girl who goes everywhere with Ann and Paul.

Her birthday meal was her normal kibble with home made gravy and a blue berry muffin topped with yogurt in the middle. Tobias got some chicken gravy and extra biscuits for his birthday. But then all the other dogs did too as there would be too many jealous Labradors if one was favored over the other.

Ann and Paul travel to various events selling their Heelan' Hound dog goods. They will be in Charleston for the Scottish games on Sept. 20. So if you go, stop by their booth and say "hello" to the Keys and Neilley.

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