Friday, September 12, 2008

Hoffa's collar is lost and then....found!

(Here's the collar beginning to slip over her ears)
(And here it is coming off her head!)

Hoffa was running at the beach and during her bounding through the waves, her martingale collar managed to come off. The photos tell the story as you see it sliding over her ears and then off her pointed nose. It was lost in the surf with the tide coming in. Attached to the collar was her rabies tag, her Sullivan's Island dog tag, and an ID tag with a phone number.

After combing the beach during low tide, we concluded that the collar was lost for good. However, the next day, I got a call that the collar had been found! It was intact and other than being water logged, all was okay. Thanks to the nice lady who found the collar and for giving a call about it.

It's good to always have an ID tag on the collar for your dog, in case the dog is lost or the collar flies off.

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IHateToast said...


that was nice the woman called. now i must check to see if my tags are legible. it's been so long since they were engraved.

looks like you all had a great time. we don't get that here in oz. okay, we do have great times, but not mass greyhound meetings. at least i know that when i go home (texas), i'll find a meet and greet some place.